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"I was working 80% of the time in the business and 20% of the time on the business - it has turned around now".

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" Implementation Of A Plan & Uniting As A Team"

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"Living A Balanced Life As a A was working 80% of the time in the business and 20% of the time on the business - it has turned around now".

Gys Jacobs

CEO, Jacobs Transport

" Meet our awesome client Gys Jacobs, owner of Jacob's Transport. Watch this testimonial as ActionCOACH Business Coach Francois Lubbe speaks to his client about the growth he achieved in his business"

Cliff's Way Engineering

CEO, Brian Dixon

Our Action Coach Journey Cliff’s Way Engineering is a company that has been in existence since 1987.
We manufacture machined components.

Brian Dixon is one of the original founders working together with his son and daughter in the business.

Cliff’s Way Engineering embarked on a program on November 21 with Francois Lubbe Action Coach.

The company was operating in a survival mode at the time, we found ourselves on a roller coaster ride which was not an enjoyable journey.

We have gone through shareholder buy-outs as well as the Covid pandemic.

Action Coach led by Francois started a program firstly with the three of us to find a strong cohesion between ourselves.

Importantly challenging our mind sets individually (together) to identify our purpose for our personal life and business.

Setting strategies and goals to be achieved short and long term.

Couple months later we started with team alignment programs with our manager levels, which we currently continue on a weekly basis to date.

We have enjoyed the rewards of seeing our staff grow and unleash hidden talents.

Working with Francois Lubbe as our Action Coach we were encouraged to develop the following skills in our company:

* Create a shared vision specific to our company.

* Create a Value system for the whole company.

* Define roles and responsibilities within the company.

* The importance of sales and different techniques to help us.

* Involve our team in the building of our company to get alignment throughout

* The importance of Goals and how to go about goal setting.

* The importance of team building to create problem solving mentality.

* How to reflect on past performance and how to better ourselves going forward with both. challenges and achievements.

* The importance of KPI’s and the information that we receive from them and what to do with that information.

* How to manage ourselves in time.

* How to run successful, effective, and productive meetings.

To mention some of the following skills our company has enjoyed, encouraged, and develop

The above are some of the enjoyed benefits, there are many more we have discovered.

With our Action Coach been part of our team he has instilled a new breath of air within our company.

We have learned that on a daily basis it is required that we remind ourselves of the simple things, to take care of the larger goals.

Our Coach has collectively taught us the required skills and not given us the answers.

The list in truth is much longer in reality, however the key take aways from all of this is that we have had our team come together, combining old and new.

At the time of joining Action Coach and starting our journey with Francois we could ill afford to waste a cent of the company, but we made a decision to invest in ourselves and our company and that the calculated risk was worth it.

We started on having coaching sessions weekly and we have moved to bi-weekly.

We have also done a team alignment coaching session with our staff and our coach that has had a very positive impact.

In 12 months, we have improved cashflow and increased our turnover by at least 50%. At the time we started with our coach we had only 2 customers giving us 80- 90% of our orders, but now they only make up approximately 50%.

We have increased our customer base by about 30% with new customer orders.

We are currently increasing our diamond chip customers and doing well.

We are sharing the skills we are learning with our staff and seeing big improvements in their problem-solving abilities as well as their abilities to be above the point of power in their approach to work.

The biggest challenge and most rewarding have been the path of personal growth of ourselves. We are pushing more and more and learning skills, every day.

Action Coach has played a vital role in helping us change our perspective and restructure our company to be more equipped to face challenges in a positive and more effective way.

The changes have been so significant that we have recommended Action Coach to various clients.

Ayogas Pty Ltd

Managing Director, Lars Steyn

Our Action Coach Adventure

" Adventure is not outside man; it is within." - George Eliot

 Ayogas Pty Ltd is a “family-owned and run” business that turned 10 years old on 18 March 2024.

The business operates in the construction and energy industries.

At this meaningful milestone in our business, we are deeply grateful, full of hope, and excited for what lies ahead.

We have a mantra of saying and believing that “the best is yet to come…”

As recently as 12 months ago, that was unfortunately not the case. As partner and director of the business, I was stressed out, disillusioned about owning and operating my own business.

I was scraping the bottom of the barrel for self-believe and motivation.

The business was also struggling, unstructured and fluctuated a lot with 50% of our turnover generated by one client in the construction industry.

 In an interesting turn of events, that is a story for another day, I was introduced to my Action Coach, Francois Lubbe - the legend himself. I have since heard many of my fellow coachees say that your coach seems to find you at the exact moment when you are ready to be coached.

I concur.

I was supported by my business partners and we made the Action Coach investment. The investment entailed money, time, effort and an openness to change as an individual and as a business.

The adventure started with a formal business review session with my Action Coach. I came well prepared from a numbers and figures point of view but not so much from a personal perspective. It is here that I quickly learned “adventure is not outside man; it is within”. I learned that the business cannot outgrow me as the owner and where I find myself (in my thoughts and believes) on the entrepreneurial ladder, matters most. I realised that I owned a job, not a business.

From then onwards, I met Francois on a two-weekly basis and worked hard and smart on the key action steps between sessions. My Action Coach has the ability to ask the right and very difficult questions at exactly the right time – on point and to the point, to say the least. He rarely gave answers and hence allowed me to think and grow and believe that indeed, I can do it

 What follows now, should give you a sneak preview in the practical changes that took place in myself as the leader and the business. 

In the past twelve months I read 12 books (only 3 of them fictional) as opposed to 3 in the 10 years prior to that. And listened to approximately 20 podcasts. I have my own personal 90 days and 12 months goals.

 We developed our company value proposition. We now know exactly what it is that we as a business offer our clients and what we do to make our clients successful in their industries. We had our first team alignment workshop in the existence of the business and our team members understand and are aligned to our value proposition.

We are light years more structured, yet have not nearly arrived. We now have weekly team and exco meetings. We developed a skills - value matrix identifying who must do what in the business to extract the most value from opportunities. We also recruit new personnel based on the skills – value matrix. We have streamlined the way we compile and submit proposals to clients and have cut down on the lead time to submitting proposals significantly. Our processes and systems now allow us to measure and track how we get customers and keep customers. We know what’s in the pipeline and what needs to be done to get projects through the pipeline to reach value for our clients and our business.

From a numbers perspective, in the past twelve months, turnover increased by 30% and gross margin increased by 50% year on year. Given the excellent performance of the business in relation to the low growth rate of our country’s economy, we feel both blessed and excited. Our dependency on one client also reduced from 50% to 25% of annual turnover, adding predictability and stability to the business.

 My Action Coach, Francois, has had a huge impact on me as a person, on my family, and on our business. He challenges me in the way I think about things and continues to ask difficult questions. Apart from wise counsel, he operates as an excellent soundboard and holds me accountable, – two traits that are in high demand, but often missed, by entrepreneurs like myself.

Our Action Coach adventure is not over, as we now embark on the next phase of coaching.

The best is yet to come…


Lars Steyn

Managing Director Ayogas

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